Weeknote 19/30

A quiet week in the studio. Some were on holidays, others busy at enfore. And then there was the heat, which made us work from cooler home offices at times.

63% of all people seeing our studio for the first time ask: “How do you keep it warm in the winter?”. Which is not a problem. Keeping it cool in the summer, however, is more of a challenge.

With  60m² window area (guesstimate), of which only 22.22% (calculation) can be shaded, the room heats up like a Finnish sauna (exaggeration).

Right now the breeze from our trusted fan is keeping our brains from melting. But its constant humming noise is wearing me down.  

These days I also regret that we didn’t get a refrigerator with a freezer compartment for the studio. A kingdom for a cold brew!

I wanted to check out a few more things on webflow, so amongst other things I made this page. Its content was sitting on hard drives and servers for 7 years, but never made it public. It’s kind of a case study about our work for the re:publica conference. It is still one of my favourite precious projects, because it was an exciting experience and covered so many different disciplines. And it aged very well. Have a look.

I also did some research on what I mentioned as “platforms for social innovation” last week. I’m compiling a list of events, websites and other efforts to foster initiatives from citizens. I should edit it a little, so I can share it here.

But that’s for another day, because I just declared the start of the weekend. Have a good one!