Studio Report May 19

When precious alumni Florie asked if I knew someone who could design a logo for the neighbourhood group she started, I didn’t think about it before my mouth said something like “I will do it.” It was a reflex. But the promise was made, so I had to deliver.

I haven’t designed a logo in years, so it was fun to do it. Not in those moments of course, when you lack ideas. Or when you have an idea and after a good night’s sleep you realize that it’s just not good. Or when you have to admit that you don’t have to skills to execute an idea properly.

But then an idea came to me that I didn’t dismiss and was feasible for me to design. Voilà.

I was introduced to Webflow when we relaunched the enfore website a few weeks ago. Impressed by how fast one can produce results, I had a closer look at it. So I played around with it and a whole new website emerged. ¹ You are looking at it.

For someone like me, who lacks the skills to build a website from scratch, Webflow is a gift. It’s the first time that I have a feeling of control. In the past I tried to modify and customize wordpress templates, but there was always a point when I had to give up, because I didn’t know how to make it work like I intended. I also tried some visual editors for Wordpress, but they were often cumbersome and had constraints that frustrated me. I haven’t had that yet while using Webflow.

Now that I got some experience with the tool, I could also imagine to use it for prototyping. So I hope I get the opportunity to use it in another context.

I briefly mentioned in the last update, that Svenja and Maja are taking sabbaticals. Svenja enjoys the majestic views of the Swiss Alps in the company of just her family and a few cows, while Maja is travelling in the land of the rising sun.

Thankfully Aisha, who worked with us before, is taking care of some of Svenjas duties, making sure that the studio doesn’t descend into chaos.

  1. No Sketch or any other software used to create layouts. I started the design process with a blank page in Webflow.