Weeknote 19/28

I started the week by meeting a new, potential client. It was rather spontaneous, so I cobbled together a small portfolio presentation over the weekend. It went smoothly, so proposals were written, negotiated, rewritten.

Interestingly, this inquiry came just before we launched the new website. And although the old one stated that we didn’t take on new projects, luckily it didn’t keep the responsible person from contacting us.

Which would have been really annoying, since the new website was ready to go a week earlier. It just didn’t see the light of day because I couldn’t figure out how to point the domain to the new server.

Yeah, it’s a bit embarrassing, but here’s what I can say in my defense: Over time, we switched hosting several times and so our domain was registered at company A, using the name servers of company B, which then pointed to an email server at C and a web server at D. And since Christophe, who did all this redirecting a few years ago, was on holiday, I was completely confused. 🤯

Eventually the mystery was solved. The website went live and we sent out an email to past clients, collaborators and friends of precious, letting them know we are up for new challenges.

Quite a few people replied, which was very encouraging. In hindsight, I regret not sending this email way earlier, new website or not.