Weeknote 20/34

This is episode 8. As announced earlier, this is the last one for this season. It also coincides with the sudden turn of the weather. While most of the week was dry and hot, the forecast for the coming days looks more like autumn.

I’ll take another hiatus from writing these weeknotes. I’m aiming to publish a newsletter each month (I’m already late for August) and hopefully make the time to write some longform texts.

As I mentioned before, I started the current project during the lockdown when everbody was working from their home office. Only recently some people there returned to the office and it wasn’t until last week that I met one of the product owners for the first time in person (after many, many zoom calls).

This week I met all the inhouse designers for a picnic in the park, which was great but also a little strange.

After all those video meetings, I already established some perception about each person. When I was going to see them for the first time in three dimensions, I was prepared to update or even revise that idea. I guess others feel similar, so I imagine there was a lot of calibrating of mental images in the first minutes.

I have to say, though, that there were no surprises. Seems that you can already get a pretty good idea of a person by chatting and video calling with them regularly.

Nevertheless, I prefer the picnic blanket to Zoom.

I was also occupied with exploring and weighting the options regarding the studio space. Since the „small is beautiful“ team will leave the studio to work at the enfore offices, this space will be too big (and expensive) for just us.

As I already mentioned in a previous weeknote, we would like to share the studio with other people. So I made this: precious-forever.com/studiomates

If you are interested get in touch. If you know somebody who’s looking for space and community, please share.