Weeknote 20/30

“If you are writing about places that are sacred or meaningful, leave the waxing to someone else.” This is a quote from a book I read the other day. But there’s nobody here but me. So…

The moment I set foot in this space for the first time, it felt right. Not just because I was impressed. With a 4,5 meter high window front to the north and south, and a pitched roof that starts at 6 meter and rises for another 5, it is a striking room. But there is more than mere architectonic features. Soul, life, wholeness… call it what you want. ¹

While it still has the aura of a factory — a place where things are built – it also radiates the calmness and serenity of a zen temple.

Although it hasn’t received the attention it deserves from its inhabitants in the last years (which will have to change), the room still keeps on giving. And it wants to give to more people.

So if you are interested in renting a desk and be part of this studio space, let me know. I still have to figure out the details and write a proper offer, but I thought I give the readers of these weeknotes a little heads-up.

I was not always alone in these hallowed halls. David and Alina came by on Thursday. As did Mathias. With the latter, I talked about how an impactful design organisation could look and work like. Food for thought. A need the weekend to digest. Have a good one!

  1. Christopher Alexander would argue that these qualities are a direct result of certain properties of the building. Maybe someday I’ll look through all the patterns described in “A Pattern Language” and identify those that are applied in this space. After this warm-up, I’ll try to detect as much of the centers described in “The Nature of Order”. Sounds like a marvellous pastime.