Weeknote 20/27

Looking back, weeknotes always came in seasons. I wrote them quite regularly for a period of time, then stopped and, after a while, started again. Sometimes the break was intentional, sometimes it just happened.¹

Last season ended (with a very weak finale) because I left for a sabbatical with my family. I returned in April, but I didn’t feel like continuing. Instead, I started to publish a newsletter (subscribe here to receive a monthly email from me). I wanted to try a different format and since I like receiving email-newsletters, I went with it. There wasn’t a masterplan, so I had no idea how it would turn out, what topics would be covered, what structure it had. I thought that it might make the weeknotes redundant. But after publishing two issues, and working on the third, I still don’t know what it will turn out like, but I know that it’s different than weeknotes.

So here’s the new season. A Limited Event Series. Just 8 issues. After that, another hiatus.

I’m currently working on two projects, with two different teams, for one client. Since I started during the lockdown, when everybody was working from home, I haven’t yet met the people I work with IRL. That’s a first for me. And if you would have asked me before all of this, I would have probably said that it would be a horrible project setup. Remote working can be OK, but then you have to know those people already, right?

Turns out, it doesn’t feel awkward. Although I only have a highly compressed two-dimensional impression of these people, it’s quite possible to establish a very good working relationship. Maybe the awkwardness comes, when we will finally meet in person and realize that we had a completely different image of each other.

Whoa, time is up (this seasons is not just limited to eight weeks, but also the writing process is strictly time-boxed).

I leave you with a must-see recommendation, because it’s related to weeknotes: “What Is David Working on Today?” It’s the best thing on YouTube (this is the second best, not related but still).

  1. A pattern: After a streak of weekly posts, I miss a week because life’s busy or I’m sick or I just don’t feel like it. The week after, it happens again. Now that I missed two weeks, I can also skip a third… And suddenly the chain is broken. End of season.