Weeknote 19/36

A short work week, as I took some days off for a family visit.

I had a third meeting regarding a new potential project. After a first meeting in a coffee shop, a second one in our studio, this time I went to the company’s headquarter.

It’s still a little vague what is needed/wanted and what our role could be. With each meeting it is getting a little clearer. But figuring it out completely can only be done by doing it. There is no masterplan.

This is usually a situation clients shy away from. And maybe it would increase the chances of getting the job if I would pretend to have a few more answers. But I believe that honesty and transparency is a prerequisite for a relationship that results in good design. And I also believe that the people I talked to, understand that the challenge they are facing is too complex to come up with a far-reaching plan at this point.

Still I wonder how I can improve to establish confidence, when there’s a lot of “I don’t know yet”. Why should a client trust us? How can I describe a process full of unknowns in an assuring way – and not confuse or even scare off a client?


I also met Michael, our former partner in precious. Every once in a while we have some coffee together. Not often enough, I think, because it’s always stimulating to talk with him.

He once told me he’s writing weeknotes as well, though just for himself. Which is a shame. I would love to read them.