Studio Report June 19

Here’s a quick recap of what happened in June, before we switch back to a weekly cadence of reporting.

When we relaunched the enfore website earlier this year, we did so in breakneck speed. We managed to replace the old site with something better, but there were a few things that fell by the wayside, like hover states and some other finetuning. So I took care of that and fixed a few things.

Apart from sparring with Tanja and Aki, who inherited some of the enfore topics I was involved in, I also worked on the packaging for a new hardware product.

Since Maja is still travelling, I took over a small project for, which was a welcome diversion after being fully immersed in the enfore universe for so long.

Most fun, however, was creating content for this website, especially the artefact section. The initial concept for the website was using “artefacts” all over as a design element. It didn’t work out, but the basic idea was tenacious. It resonated pretty strongly with me, so it survived as some kind of “catalog”.

So now, as I write this, I’m pondering why this idea stuck with me. The obvious answer: I have a penchant for archives and collections. My shelfs are full of books that document film productions, fashion companies, bands, records labels¹ or just random found stuff.

But I guess there’s more to it. Being in a situation of change and uncertainty made me reflect a lot on the past. Unearthing physical evidence of our precious existence helps in the process of finding out what’s important to oneself.

Anyway, more artefacts are coming. I keep digging.

  1. I devoured this book although I didn’t know the label or any of the bands. The fact that someone documented everything so meticulously, even though the label wasn’t very popular or influential outside its hometown, was so impressive. It was a huge motivation while we ran our own record label.