Weeknote 19/45

In an earlier weeknote I ranted about the less than ideal spatial situation at the company we’re currently working with. Back then there were already discussions about a new space that the design team might could occupy. It seemed to be a matter not without delicacy, something that needs to be done carefully and swiftly, because otherwise someone else might nick the space.

Luckily, the design team succeeded. Tuesday was moving day. Within less than 90 minutes, all desks, chairs and monitors were rolled across the parking lot, into a new office.

It’s not a beauty. The previous tenant was a data center, so interior design was rather practical. There’s a set of power outlets every 1,5 meters.

But it’s big! I don’t have the exact numbers, but I would estimate the increase in square footage is about sevenfold. One large open plan with two separate rooms, one of them as big as the previous office.

The other features besides size and sockets are less worthy of mentioning. It still smells a little peculiar and someone said the kitchen feels “creepy”. A realtors euphemism for this object would be “a space with potential”.

But in this case it’s true: people there see the potential and I’m sure they are going to use it. Everybody is really happy about the move and I’m curious how this will evolve in the coming weeks.