Weeknote 19/34

A very short one, because I didn’t have the time to write on the weekend and now I’m already in Malmö (more about that in the next weeknote), where I’d rather go out and enjoy the sunset over the Øresund than sitting in the hotel typing these words. But skipping is not an option, so here we go:  

I finished a project I was working on for the last 3 weeks. But it’s not quite done yet, because I decided to do a written reflection of every project, starting with this one. I haven’t thought much about how it should be structured or what should go in there, because once I start thinking about it too much, perfectionism kicks in and it gets delayed and delayed until it gets forgotten. So I will just do it and see how it turns out. Done is better than perfect. I keep you posted on that (see, another trick to get it done: accountability).

I had some new business meetings this week. Interesting and promising.

On Saturday we had a little gathering with our families and friends. Everybody brought mountains of food and the kids drank way too much sugar-water. Good fun.

Sun is setting. I need to go.