Weeknote 19/50

My dear d̶e̶s̶i̶g̶n̶ acting partner Christoph¹ and I did four demos this week.

Our little play was basically the same one we performed two weeks ago. Back then we showed our three acts to a carefully vetted audience of project owners. This week, the management became curious (or nervous?) about what we’ve been doing all these weeks behind closed doors. So we made a spontaneous performance for the digital steering committee. And then, because the head of that group came 15 minutes late, we did a second run right after the first one.

The next day a product team came by for a meeting. One of the POs had seen our demo before and asked if we could do it again for the rest of the group. Sure, no problem.

Because the management people liked what they saw, they wanted us to show the whole thing to the CEO. Although this demo was never meant for the eyes of the stakeholders, let alone the No.1, there was no going back. Another demo was scheduled for the next day.

With a few extra hours before showtime, I made a couple of changes that reflected some more recent ideas we’ve had for the designs. But the basic story didn’t change, so Christoph and I were well prepared with all those previous presentations under our belts. Hence, the demo was running very smoothly, our best performance yet.

  1. Not to be confused with Christophe.